We're Doing it Again lol

Our mission, with your help, is to get the #1 top selling book on Amazon, for the first time in history, to be about how our President has Alzheimer's Disease.

As this climbs the list, there will be no denying by the mainstream media that the entire country knows Biden is a joke.

As promised, we're proud to launch the sequel to our original Children's book Let's Go Brandon! (this one reached #32 best seller).

Introducing: My President has Alzheimer's: The Comprehensive Family Guide to Coping


This literary masterpiece chronicles the emotional roller coaster of coping with having a President that literally doesn't even know he is the President. The 20 page board book eloquently informs readers and listeners of the many odd and unusual things you can expect a mindless President to say and do so they are not shocked when they see it happening in real life.

It is a must have in every household as it reassures children that as difficult as it is to watch their President randomly sniff people or tell stories of kids tickling his leg hair, it is normal behavior for a President with Alzheimer's.



You helped get the first children's book to #32 on the Amazon Best Seller's List. Help us get this book to #1 and educate the Nation's youth about these important life lessons!

The way the Amazon algorithm works is the more orders placed over a short period of time, the faster it moves up the Best Seller's list. So don't wait, order it now and let's get this to #1! 


It's currently at #6572 on the Amazon's Best Sellers list in the entire world. Let's get this thing to #1 and trigger some liberals lol!