Our Best Stunt Yet

You know we've been cancelled from every platform. We've figured out a loophole. We are going to make the #1 Top Selling Amazon book with your help. The Amazon algorithm cannot cancel this anti-Covid mandate masterplan once it gains momentum.
We've been working on this project for months and could not wait for the moment to release this to you.

Introducing: "Let's Go Brandon!"

The Let's Go Brandon board book is an original, enlightening book that will make you spew your beer out of your nose like you just came down with the China Virus. It includes some of the most important truths of our time such as mask and vaccine mandates being bullsh*t, the myth that tossing commies out of helicopters isn't cool, or that Covid was made in ChYna, and many more!

We guarantee this will be your kid's, grandkid's, and your own favorite book for the rest of your life, or your money back. We've even sent a copy to our liberal brother, we recommend you do the same to the commie in your life. 



Everything we say in this book would otherwise be banned, but you can help us make it a top seller on Amazon which automatically puts it in front of millions of liberals lol. The best part is that nobody but Fake Maskers even know it is anti-Covid from the Amazon listing. lol

Collectively, we have started a movement that is bigger than big tech itself.

When we lauched this book we it Amazon Ranking #32 in the world!

We Will Not Lose.



With your help, we can make the very first anti-Covid mandate piece of literature a national best seller. They can not cancel this book as we are self published. Thank god for the First Amendment of the United States of America.

Let's Go Brandon!