The ADJUSTABLE TRIPLE (!!!) Incognito Fake Mask

 Guess what? Cloth masks don't do anything. Neither does this masterpiece. But at least you can breathe now. The Adjustable TRIPLE Incognito Fake Face Mask is the 4th most breathable (Offensively Fake #1, Incognito #2, & Double Incognito #3), comfortable face covering on the market! This version provides breathability while giving the complete illusion that it is a real mask -- it is also ADJUSTABLE to fit faces of all sizes + REVERSIBLE (wear with either the Grey or Black side can face out, your choice!)! The best for ultra Karen environments such as airplanes, banks, PTA meetings, etc. 1. It covers your face 2. Technically it is a mask Breathe Free. Be Free. Get yours today! 100% of proceeds go towards trolling the left!