Joe Biden Toilet Paper (TWO PACK)

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Does your brown eye ever itch for some Joe Biden sniffs? Well do we have the product for you! 

Our new Joe Biden Toilet paper and the current state of this country have something in common, they're both going down the crapper!

Now every deuce you take will feel like you're riding a screeching bald eagle as you place Biden's mug between your cheeks. You can pretend you're flushing your troubles away, or...just the Biden Administration? 

Each roll smells like communism and denture cream, wait - no it doesn't! That would cost too much for us to make. Turns out, custom printed toilet paper is already ridiculously expensive to make so don't wipe liberally, wipe conservatively!

Give as a gag gift to your liberal friends & tell them they can use it where their head normally is, up their a**! Or simply just use it for it's intended purpose.