Hate Mail Hall of Fame

A conglomeration of the incredible amounts of hate mail we receive on a daily basis. Enjoy. 

P.S. Mom, don't read these. These haters seem to have a lot of issues with you. 

Warning: Heavy profanity and gibberish contained in the contents below.

"Really you make this product during a fucking pandemic go fuck yourself instead of growing a pair of balls and acting like a grown-up you are causing potentially more infection to spread wake the fuck up I really hope this bites you in the ass." Tom (Submitted via Contact Us form)

"Your mom's teeth would have rotted if she swallowed you. Stupid hillbily fucks." - Your Dad (Submitted via Contact Us form)

"Fucking die slow you pieces of gutter trash. You will be wiped out." - Anonymous (Submitted via Contact Us form)

"Are any of you medical professionals or are you all just sister fucking hicks from retardville (Ohio)?" - Cleetis (Submitted via Contact Us form)

"You're a truly a fucking cocksucking scum fuck and I hope you get covid and infect your elderly parents and they die and then you die." John (Submitted via direct email)

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the mask. It's a little flimsy. I put it on your mom and then punched a hole through it with my dick... Right into her mouth! She fucking loved it!" - Anonymous (Transcribed to text from voicemail)

"Hey pieces of shit I will make sure you assholes are dead. I hope if any of you have children, that you all get covid and fucking rot in hell. And then I hope your daughters dead fucking body gets raped in front of you as you gasp for air. Fucking pieces of shit." - Anonymous (Sent via Contact Us form)

 "Just wanted to let you know, your "company" has been reported to the BBB and a few other organizations. For spreading false information about masks. You are literally the reason our cases are skyrocketing. And you don't even care. Absolutely disgusting. You'll be hearing from people and I will do my best to make sure charges are brought up against you. Everything is in motion now. Hope you have a back up planml." - Anonymous (Submitted via Contact Us form)

"You fucking pieces of shit literally have an IQ of 10. And you ought to be fucking ashamed of yourself. Go back to swallowing trump's cum you fucking faggots. I truly pray someone takes all you fuckers out." - Anonymous (Transcribed to text from voicemail)

"Pussy ass motherfuckin cocksucker don't even have the balls to answer your phone you piece of shit mother fucking faggot piece of shit I'm gonna fucking find you and kill you motherfucker." - Transcribed from 1 of 4 back-to-back anonymous voicemails)

"Litral god damn retards. Tak one of your many guns you love and put a bulet in your faggot brains." - Haybel (Submitted via Contact Us form)

"Every single person that works at this company can burn in hell. Fuck you a thousand times from the bottom of my heart, my fucking family died because of dumb fucking rednecks like you. If I ever see anyone wearing your product in public I will publicly fucking shame them too. - Lewis (Submitted via Contact Us form)

"You're all a bunch of redneck retards who ignore science. Your mothers were all inbred whores who could suck the color out of a marble but not accomplish much else. Keep spreading fake bullshit and killing people" - Anonymous (Submitted via Contact Us form)