The Real/Fake Incognito Gaiter

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Introducing our all-new, patent pending "Real/Fake Incognito Gaiter.”

This gaiter is constructed with our “Incognito” breathable mesh on one half, and a denser, stretchable micro-fiber material on the other half. This patent pending design allows the wearer to change the face covering style from a fake to real mask material simply by rotating the gaiter 180 degrees.

Guess what? Cloth masks don't do anything. Neither does 1/2 of this masterpiece. 

​The Real/Fake Gaiter is the most breathable, comfortable face covering on the market! This version provides two incredibly breathable sides.

  1. It covers your face
  2. Both sides are technically a mask - one side is just mesh.

Breathe Free. Be Free. Get yours today! 100% of proceeds go towards trolling the left!