The Gay Cruise Fake Mailer

$9.99 - $17.49
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- If no other items are purchased with your order, your package will include one mystery item of our choice. 

- If your order includes other items, they will all be sent inside this package

- If more than one prank package unit is ordered, we will assume all Gay Cruise Fake Mailers are intended to be mailed discreetly to you for personal use.

The Gay Cruise Fake Mailer is the ultimate prank package for that one "alpha" friend you have that MAY OR MAY NOT be hiding a secret from the world. When The Gay Cruise Fake Mailer prank package arrives on his doorstep, you are going to find out... On the F around find out chart, this is a 10. 

The same official scientifically scientifical science studies that determined that Covid was going to kill us all have proven the following litmus test for how your Gay Cruise Fake Mailer prank package will be received:


Reaction 1: Denial ("I did not order this")

Reaction 1 meaning: Gay Positive.

Reaction 2: Anger ("Get this out of here I will not sign for it. I will punch you in the face")

Reaction 2 meaning: Gay Positive.

Reaction 3: Bargaining ("Please, I don't remember ordering this. Take it back")

Reaction 3 meaning: Gay Positive.

Reaction 4: Depression ("OMG I had a feeling I was hiding something. I don't remember ordering this but I'm sad now")

Reaction 4 meaning: Gay Positive.


I'm sorry. Your friend is gay. 


Disclaimer: No scientific studies have confirmed if Gay Positive is contagious. The drinking water inside your gay friends' house is still safe.